IIT-DH style and branding guidelines including colors, typography, themes, templates, graphics and more. WARNING: This repo has no official standing. See README for more details.
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# IIT-Dharwad style and branding guidelines [DRAFT]
2 years ago
1 month ago
### Contents
This repo attempts to provide a complete guide to consistent branding, themes and styles across a variety of print and digital media developed at IIT-Dharwad. (This is a draft version).
1 month ago
### Resources:
1. **Logo Images**: A variety of logos in PNG format can be downloaded [here](Resources/LogoImages.zip). For the vector (SVG) versions, download the [master SVG file](ColourAndStyle/ColourAndStyle.svg) and instructions at the bottom of this page.
1 month ago
2. **Colors**: The template is built around two primary colors:
* "Jamun" Purple (RGB: 108/27/133, #6c1b85ff, Pantone 2612C)
* "Marigold" Yellow (RGB: 255/173/74, #ffad4a, Pantone: 804C)
1 month ago
3. **Fonts:**: All fonts used herein are free and open source fonts from the Google Font Library.
All required TTF font files are [here](Resources/Fonts.zip)
1 month ago
4. **Presentation Template**
A powerpoint template is also available for Office 2000 and later.
1. Click [here](MSOffice/IITDH_PowerpointTemplate_V0.6.potx) then click "View Raw" to download and save the POTX template file somewhere to disk.
2. Double-click this POT file to create a new blank presentation with the template applied. See the sample images above for some of the available layout designs. For other layouts, right click on any slide and select *"Layout..."*. Layout names are self explanatory
1 month ago
3. **Document Template**
Three document templates are included here: two letterheads and one report template. In addition, two theme files are also included (*.thmx) which contain color schemes and font styles. Instructions for all these are included in the first template (IITDH-LetterheadTemplateA-V1.0.dotx):
- [LetterheadA](MSOffice/IITDH-LetterheadTemplateA-V1.0.dotx)
- [LetterheadB](MSOffice/IITDH-LetterheadTemplateB-V1.0.dotx)
- [ReportTemplate](MSOffice/IITDH-ReportTemplate-V1.0.dotx)
1 month ago
2. **Style Guide:**
[ColourAndStyle.pdf](ColourAndStyle/ColourAndStyle.pdf) is a draft guide for colors, typograpgy and logos, showing a variety of layouts and formats and a few letterhead mockups.
1 month ago
2. **SVG Source**
The coresponding SVG source file for the Style Guide is `ColourAndStyle.svg` and should be edited with inkscape. Before use:
1. Ensure that all required fonts are installed.
1. Enable inkscape's missing fonts warning under 'Edit → Preferences...', expand the 'Tools' section, click on 'Text' and then enable "Show font substitution warning dialog."
1. Open the SVG file and make sure no fonts are missing.
Upon opening the inkscape file, view the entire drawing ( `View > Zoom > Drawing`)
The SVG file is organised in layers which are locked by default. To view and unlock the layers, use `Layers > Layers...` or <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>Shift</kbd> + <kbd>L</kbd>
Layers with prefix `PPT_` contain graphics used in the Powerpoint Template.
#### 4. Latex / Beamer Templates
Work in progress.
1 month ago
### Samples:
Colors and Themes:
> ![alt text](SampleImages/ColourAndStyle-0.png "Colors and Logos")
#### Powerpoint:
Powerpoint title slide (light background):
> ![alt text](SampleImages/1.png "Title Slide 1")
Powerpoint title slide (light background):
> ![alt text](SampleImages/2.png "Title Slide 2")
Powerpoint content slide (one pane):
> ![alt text](SampleImages/3.png "Title Slide 3")
Powerpoint title slide (two panes):
> ![alt text](SampleImages/4.png "Title Slide 4")
#### Logos and Icons:
Full Color, light background:
> ![alt text](SampleImages/5.png "Title Slide 1")
Dark background:
> ![alt text](SampleImages/6.png "Title Slide 1")
Web and Alternative layouts:
> ![alt text](SampleImages/7.png "Title Slide 1")
This repo has no official standing. The developers assume no responsibility for your use of any of the material here. The material here is ONLY for the use of employees of IIT Dharwad. The material here should be understood to a draft version ONLY.
1 month ago
This material solely for use within IIT Dharwad by its employees. This this repository should not be shared publicly unless under official direction. The logos and graphics within the templates / themes/ artwork are owned by the respective organisations. See the accompanying License.md file.