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This repo attempts to provide a complete guide to consistent branding, themes and styles across a variety of print and digital media developed at IIT-Dharwad.
#### 1. Colors, Logos, Typography and Graphics
1. **Fonts:**
All fonts used herein are free and open source fonts from the Google Font Library.
All required TTF font files are included in the `fonts/` directory.
2. **Style Guide:**
[ColourAndStyle.pdf](ColourAndStyle/ColourAndStyle.pdf) is a draft guide for colors, typograpgy and logos, showing a variety of layouts and formats and a few letterhead mockups.
2. **SVG Source**
The coresponding SVG source file for the Style Guide is `ColourAndStyle.svg` and should be edited with inkscape. Before use:
1. Ensure that all required fonts are installed.
1. Enable inkscape's missing fonts warning under 'Edit → Preferences...', expand the 'Tools' section, click on 'Text' and then enable "Show font substitution warning dialog."
1. Open the SVG file and make sure no fonts are missing.
Upon opening the inkscape file, view the entire drawing ( `View > Zoom > Drawing`)
The SVG file is organised in layers which are locked by default. To view and unlock the layers, use `Layers > Layers...` or <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>Shift</kbd> + <kbd>L</kbd>
Layers with prefix `PPT_` contain graphics used in the Powerpoint Template.
#### 2. Presentation Template
#### 3. Letterhead