Template repository containing a workspace with one ready-to-use project for the TI TIVA ARM Cortex 4F Launchpad Boards
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EE690 Embedded Systems (+Lab) 2023
IIT Dharwad

Abhijit Kshirsagar (IITDH) and
Darshak Vasavada (IISc)

This directory is a template for a blank 
project that can be used as a starting
point for new projects.

Target Information:
1. Texas Instruments TiVA ARM Cortex-4F
   TM4c123GH6PM processor on the LaunchPad
   board from TI.
2. Debug Interface:
   Stellaris ICDI over USB

Project Information:
1. Designed for Code Composer Studio (CCS) v12
   to be used with TI arm C compiler (NOT gcc)
2. gitignore files included.