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python# CDC - Backend


  1. Download the Repository to your local machine
  2. Make Sure u have downloaded python from or windows store.
  3. Create a Virtual Environment in the CDC_Backend folder with this command below
    python -m venv venv
  4. Activate the environment with this command
    .\venv\Scripts\activate (for WINDOWS)
    source ./venv/bin/activate (for LINUX)
  5. Install the dependencies
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Ensure that you have the PostgreSQL installed on your machine and is running on PORT 5432
  7. Make sure to give the correct database credentials in
  8. Run these following commands below. (The same are there in for linux users and setup.bat for windows users)
python flush --no-input
python makemigrations
python migrate
python collectstatic --noinput
mkdir Storage
python makemigrations APIs

Running the Application

  1. Activate the environment with this command.
    .\venv\Scripts\activate (for WINDOWS)
    source ./venv/bin/activate (for LINUX)
  2. Start the application by running this command (Run the command where is located)
    python runserver

Accessing the Admin Panel

  1. You can access the admin panel by running the server and opening http://localhost:8000/admin
  2. Run python createsuperuser to create a user to access the admin panel.
  3. if there is an error due to time then sync your machine time .
  4. Set up the Username and Password
  5. You can log in and change the database values anytime.
  6. Create your id as insitute Roll No for both admin and student .
  7. if you are still getting an error ,open inspect and see in network And then recognize it 8.Check the client link in dev.env in backend and .env in frontend is the same


1.make sure that your machine time and google time are same ,if not go to setting of date and time and sync this 2.make sure u have used same id for both student and Admin that is your iitfh roll_no 3. same client link in .env of frontend or of bakcend


  1. Add the hosted domain name in ALLOWED_HOSTS in
  2. Update the CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST list and CORS_ORIGIN_ALLOW_ALL variable

Starting the Email Server

Run the following command to start the email backend process
python process_tasks

API Reference

Check here for Api Reference

For Documentation with Postman Collection, click here