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Operating System Verified on:
1. Ubuntu 14.04
2. Ubuntu 16.04
3. Ubuntu 18.04
HOW TO setup Tejas
how to setup the simulator for the first time.
1. Download Intel PIN. Tested for version 3.7 Kit: 97619
2. Java version: openjdk8
3. make
4. ant
5. g++
Commands to build:
Make changes to (set absolute path as per your machine) :
ant make-jar
If everything goes well, this will create a jars folder with tejas.jar in it.
cd scripts
# Examples of configure parameters:
modifying and testing the simulator
Tejas directory structure
doc - contains explanation of the functionality and working of
source code with suitable examples
LICENSE - Contains the terms and conditions for use, reproduction and distribution
MAINTAINERS - who is responsible for what description
NOTICE - copyright notice
README - Contains instructions to build and provides overview of Tejas
src - all real code for Tejas is in this directory (description below)
TODO - if you have some time available and you want to have some fun,
check this file and help improve Tejas
src directory structure
configure - configuration script
emulator - source files of the emulator (Implemented in C++)
simulator - source files of the simulator (Implemented in Java)
/src/simulator/ :
generic - functionalities used across packages
for example : event queue is used by memory-system and pipeline
misc - miscellaneous functions
memory - cache simulator
pipeline - pipeline simulation
config - used to set various configuration parameters such as underlying architecture,
number of cores, and branch-predictor
power - power modelling of the system using performance counters
net - simulate the on-chip network to estimate the delay due to bus-contention
emulatorinterface - interface to the emulator
/src/simulator/emulatorinterface :
translator - translates the assembly-format of the executable to abstract instruction
translator/x86 - x86 translator
translator/mips - mips translator
translator/arm - arm translator
communication - used to take the value from the emulator
communication/shm - shared memory
communication/pipe - pipe
communication/network - network
communication/socket - sockets
instruction - abstract format of the instruction