A test repository intended purely for testing and debugging git setup.
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This is a test repository intended purely for testing and debugging git setup. To test your git setup, you need to follow the steps below:

Cloning existing repositories

1. Over HTTPS:

Try to run the following command:

git clone  https://gitea.iitdh.ac.in:443/kabhijit/ScratchPost.git

If you get errors about HTTPS and self-signed certificates you can try:

git -c http.sslVerify=false clone  https://gitea.iitdh.ac.in:443/kabhijit/ScratchPost.git

If this command succeeds you should see a "done" message at the end.

2. Over SSH:

  • Setup an SSH keypair for Gitea.
  • Try to log into the server via SSH as the user git: $ssh git@gitea.iitdh.ac.in
  • If you get a connection refused error, e.g.: ssh: connect to host gitea.iitdh.ac.in port 22: Connection refused then you need to manually specify the port number, i.e. $ssh -p 2222 git@gitea.iitdh.ac.in.
  • Successful authentication should give you a message like this:
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
Hi there, username! You`ve successfully authenticated with the key named sshket-name, but Gitea does not provide shell access.
If this is unexpected, please log in with password and setup Gitea under another user.
Connection to gitea.iitdh.ac.in closed.
  • Once you confirm that you are able to log into Gitea via SSH as user git, just create a config file to tell SSH to use these details everytime
# File: ~/.ssh/config
#AddKeysToAgent yes

Host gitea.iitdh.ac.in
	Identityfile ~/.ssh/iitdh-gitea
	Port 2222
  • And then git clone should work over ssh as well. Now try git clone https://gitea.iitdh.ac.in:443/kabhijit/ScratchPost.git which will let you clone this repo as a test.

Git Push

If git clone has worked, git push should work too. If it does not, it certainly means you do not have write access on the repo you are trying to access. Please don't try to push to this repo, and don't ask for write permissions on this repo.