A latex template based on the "Exam" class for creating paper-based exams, with lots of nice features. See the README for details.
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\documentclass[addpoints, answers]{exam}
%& -job-name=XYZ
\usepackage[siunitx, american]{circuitikz}
%This code creates the text before the first question
\pagenumbering{arabic} \setcounter{page}{1}
\begin{center}\textbf{\LARGE{EE101 Spring 2021 Exam 1} }\end{center}
\begin{center}{Instructor: Dr. Abhijit Kshirsagar \\({username@domain.academic})}\end{center}
%Date and Time
March 16, 2020, 8am - 10am
\makebox[\textwidth]{\large Full Name (all caps):\hspace{2mm}\enspace\hrulefill}
\makebox[\textwidth]{\large Roll Number / ID (all caps):\enspace\hrulefill}
\item Modify this text block to add all the instructions.
\item The front page is designed to have just the instructions - questions begin on the next page.
\item Put away all bags, books, notebooks, cellphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc.
\item Only ONE A4 or letter sized crib sheet for formulae or notes is allowed.
\item Scientific/programmable calculators are allowed.
\item Write your answers clearly and legibly in the space provided.
\item Points will be awarded for correct formulae, intermediate steps and working.
\item Use the provided paper for rough work if needed.
\item If any data are missing, make reasonable assumptions and state the same with justification.
\item This exam booklet has a total of {\numquestions}~questions on \pageref{LastPage} pages.
\item The exam consists of three sections worth 25 points, 25 points and 50 points respectively.
\item Points for each question are indicated in square brackets in the right margin.
\item For multiple choice questions, select the \textbf{best option} or \textbf{all correct answers}, as appropriate,
and write your response in the space below each question, e.g. \textbf{A} or \textbf{A,B,D}
\item For fill-in-the-blank questions write the answer in the corresponding blank space.
%Here, the questions begin
\fullwidth{\Large \textbf{Section 1: \pointsinrange{grsec1} Points}}
\fullwidth{\Large \textbf{Section 2: \pointsinrange{grsec2} Points}}
\fullwidth{\Large \textbf{Section 3: \pointsinrange{grsec3} Points}}
\Large{\textbf{Do not write on this page.}}\\
\underline{Section 1}\\
\underline{Section 2}\\
\underline{Section 3}\\
\cfoot{{\thepage/\pageref{LastPage}} \\ This exam was created with the `exam' class of \LaTeX}