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Refactor basic symbols + set everything to metric

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@ -4,4 +4,13 @@ The base template was created by Prof. L. Umanand of IISc Bangalore sometime in
Most of these changes were made by members of the Power Group (PEG-DESE) but have not been tracked / documented.
There are some minor issues with this file at present but none of these should affect usability.
The Master Branch Contains the "original" version of this file from circa 2016.
The MetricFigures Branch contains a refactoring / redrawing of this template with the following objectives:
1. Convert everything to metric sizes / dimensions
1. Aligned everything to a metric grid.
1. Size everything for A4-sized printing by default.
1. Create light and heavy versions of all figure.
1. Default grid size = 5mm / 0.5mm (major/minor grid)
1. All component terminals/ connection points shall lie on the 5mm grid